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golden lake corporate presentation & 2024 exploration

Dear Investor,

I'd like to invite you to read our latest corporate presentation for Golden Lake Exploration Ltd (GLM – CSE) and our Jewel Ridge project located in Nevada:

We have an exciting season coming up quickly as we prepare to drill, now armed with all the late ’23 geophysical data which correlates extremely well with our geochem signatures for gold and CRD targets. 

Our 2 bordering neighbours are I-80 Gold Corp. (IAU – TSX; $630 million market cap) and North Peak Resources (NPR – TSXV; $31.3 million market cap). 

Certain high priority CRD drill targets are located along the Jackson Fault, a well known structure heading south from I-80’s Ruby Deeps and Blackjack deposits.

Jewel Ridge is the home of 12+ historic mine sites – what better place to look for a new mine!

We look forward to keeping you posted and welcome your questions anytime!

Best regards,
Mike England
Golden Lake Exploration Inc.
CEO, President
Cell: 604-307-4776
Email: mike@engcom.ca

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